We’re planning to deliver long-term value

This project will benefit Ontario for generations to come. This 400-MW project would create jobs, promote skills development, encourage tourism, support local development, and help moderate the price of electricity as a renewable resource.

A platform for growth

The Marmora Project would enhance the local environment by transforming a large-scale rock pile into a value-added clean energy asset and unlock a new source of economic development for eastern Ontario.

A way to stimulate local economies

The Marmora Project is estimated to provide a $35-million annual economic benefit through eastern Ontario through job creation, skills training, tourism, residential and commercial development, tax revenue, and spin-offs supporting rural business.

A source of job creation in Ontario

The Marmora Project is projected to create up to 3,500 jobs (direct and indirect) over the lifespan of the facility. This includes up to 1,000 construction jobs over a five-year period and 300 long-term regionally-based jobs associated with tourism and economic spin-off.

A price moderator

The Marmora Project would create ratepayer value and help moderate the cost of electricity for all Ontarians.