We’re planning for a cleaner tomorrow

The proposed Marmora Clean Energy Hub Project is a step forward in our climate change journey and an opportunity to transform a long inactive open-pit iron ore mine into a long-term renewable energy asset that will help create cleaner air for generations to come.

Reusing with purpose

The proposed Marmora Project will repurpose a long inactive open pit  mine that has remained unused as a large, waste rock pile (approximately 70 million tonnes) for more than 40 years. The project is an environmental solution to an under-utilized area and will benefit Ontario in the form of a new, clean energy infrastructure asset. Surrounding lands on the Marmora property could be developed for community recreational use and tourism throughout the year. The creation of naturalized areas for public use could be explored as a potential conservation opportunity in the future.

A close-looped system

The pumped storage facility will feature a closed-loop system where the existing water recirculates between its two reservoirs. This avoids drawing from natural waterbodies and minimizes potential impacts to aquatic and terrestrial environments.

Supporting a cleaner grid

As one of Ontario’s newest and largest clean energy assets, this facility would have the power to reduce carbon emissions and support provincial efforts to reach a net-zero electricity system by 2050. The project would also complement Ontario’s existing hydroelectric and nuclear assets by storing surplus baseload generation for use during peak electricity demand.

Reducing our carbon footprint

Thanks to its ability to offset non-renewables during on-peak periods, the Marmora Project could potentially displace between 70,000 to 140,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually once in operation.